These gamers are earning more than doctors!

At age 20, professional gamer Michael Schmale had it all: a steady salary, a team mansion overlooking Hollywood and a chef, personal trainer, coach and team manager who were all there to help him play at his best. But the job came with plenty of uncertainties too. This is the first episode of “Next Jobs”, a new series about careers of the future hosted by Bloomberg Technology’s Aki Ito.

Professional gaming – in all of it’s glory – is one of the most lucrative and unexpected additions to the sporting world. Although the players may compete from the comfort of their custom chairs – when it comes to sponsorships, endorsements and contracts, e-Sports competitors are now treated the same as professional athletes complete with corporate backing and event tie-ins. Let’s take at look at seven of the richest and most successful video game players in the world.

7 – Lee Young-Ho
6 – Xie Super Junhao
5 – Saahil Arora
4 – Jang Moon Jae Ho
3 – Matt Haag
2 – Johnathan Wendel
1 – Carlos Rodriguez

Game Review – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Summary: As a young boy, Link is tricked by Ganondorf, the King of the Gerudo Thieves. The evil human uses Link to gain access to the Sacred Realm, where he places his tainted hands on Triforce and transforms the beautiful Hyrulean landscape into a barren wasteland. Link is determined to fix the problems he helped to create, so with the help of Rauru he travels through time gathering the powers of the Seven Sages.

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