Lovely old couple got scammed in hotel elevator, what they did next will astound you [VIDEO]

Eddie Whiteman, a 66-year-old retired man from Montreal, went to a trip to Las Vegas on their 40th anniversary with his sweet wife Meghan who’s the same age.

Thrilled to tour Vegas, Eddie and Meghan head out. Just as they were approaching the elevator, a man in front of them dropped a bunch of $100 casino chips.

They could’ve easily taken the money but the couple chose to do the right thing–they called the man and gave him his chips back. But the man looked puzzled.

But it wasn’t just a few, he still had $4,000 worth of chips!
Claiming he was running late for a flight, he proposed to Eddie and Meghan to buy all his chips for half the price since they’ll be worthless to him if he doesn’t cash them out.

With this delightful information, they immediately accepted.
“He looked like a wealthy businessman. So yeah, we bought the chips!” told Eddie.

After the exchange, they went to the elevator when the man suddenly said he left something in his room.

“Meghan felt uneasy, but I was thrilled to cash out our chips and want to get a cab right away.”
After a few minutes it finally sunk in, they were scammed. They just gave away their $2000 to someone they just met at a hotel hallway.

Luckily, when they went back to the elevator, they still saw the hustler. Eddie and Meghan threatened to call the police if he doesn’t give them their money back.

The hustler gave them a bunch of cash and then ran. The total amount was $3,200!
“Looks like karma does come around.” said Eddie.


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