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She Lives In The Bus And Calls It Exclusive

Published on Monday, July 09, 2018 | By Greg Perry, News24
Online Casinos – Finally The Real Truth Exposed!

(News24) - Amanda, 35, has always been a free spirit. She’s been moving from one place to another all her life and was never able to settle down, not to mention finding a stable job that would provide her with enough money to rent a decent apartment.

People were calling her a weirdo.

She didn’t mind though, as to her own admission - she was never a typical Canadian trying to live a perfect live from the movies. What about a life partner? Amanda’s been single for years. She likes her privacy and never liked sharing a bed with somebody else. Regardless of what people thought about her, she enjoyed that lifestyle and never complained about her living conditions.

Even though she was ‘different’, Amanda had dreams like anyone else. The biggest was having a house she would create herself, exactly the way she likes it. She wanted to create a mobile home that would enable her to move around but also have a roof above her head anywhere she goes. She didn’t want to change her lifestyle, just upgrade it a little.

Amanda fell in love with a 1966 GMC bus she spotted at one of the roadside car purchases. Even though it was in a pretty bad condition, she saw a lot of charm in it. It was definitely THE one. But how can a nomad like her afford buying a bus and renovating it?

Here is where the story gets interesting.

Well, the natural reflex is to assume people like Amanda live like that cause they don’t have any other choice. So here is the surprise - she chose that lifestyle and money was never an issue.

Amanda tried many jobs in her life and she would always find new opportunities to make some extra cash. One year ago, Amanda had her lucky day.

While she was on a lookout for food vouchers online, she came across coupons for an online casino. It caught her attention. Yukon Gold Casino just opened in Canada and was offering a bonus of 125 chances to spin for just $10. She had no idea what that means but she had $10 dollars on her account and decided to make a use out of it. Believe it or not, on her 25th spin she won a jackpot of $230,500!

Saving the ladybug earlier than morning truly brought her luck!

Thanks to the money she won with Yukon Gold, Amanda has her dream home now. If you though turning an old bus into a house was a bad idea, just look at this:

Despite the hardships, she didn’t give up. Overall, her labor of love took a little over $70k to complete. Amanda has been living in the bus since January, and she absolutely adores it.

We tested Yukon Gold for ourselves...

Our very own reporter Sarah Knight decided to test Yukon Gold to see if it was legitimate.

From Sarah:

"When I heard about Amanda’s story, I thought it was too good to be true, so I investigated further. After a few days of research and investigation, I found out Yukon Gold is actually one of the popular online casinos in Europe, yet was only recently allowed by law to accept Canadian citizens.

There are rumors Yukon Gold is "loosening up" their games for new Canadian players. This means they are making it easier to win money for a limited time  to help their brand gain popularity in Canada. Their website says: “125 chances to spin and win huge jackpots for just $10!”

I did notice Yukon Gold is extremely strict on only accepting users ages 18 and up, with no exceptions. When I signed up, I had to enter my credit card info as verification of my age. I was a little nervous, yet they assured me I would not be charged a single cent.

Turns out they were right. As soon as I passed verification, I was given access to all their games along with 125 chances to spin bonus to win the jackpot of $1,001,940.26. I checked my credit card statement the next day and indeed there were no hidden charges.

I used my 125 free spins for the next three days whenever I was bored. On my 73rd free spin, I actually won some money. I couldn't believe it! I won $1,650.00 from the "Immortal Romance" game! It wasn't life-changing money or anything but I was very pleased! Now I could pay off the rest of my credit card bills and use some money for a new pair of shoes.

I received the my winnings in my account almost instantly."

Here at News24, we followed up with Yukon Gold  and they said they are not going to be able to offer this 125 free spins promotion for much longer, since too many people are winning from the free spins. Their press representative confirmed this free spins promotion will end midnight on Monday, July 09, 2018

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Latest Reader Comments
Fiona Burns
WOW this looks better than my apartment lol! Anyway I tried it out and only won $2.44 on my free bonus, but then used this money and won over $300 in an hour! Withdrew to my bank straight away haha, this should help with the rent!
Reply • 13 • Like12 minutes ago
Ursula Mason
I guess I will start catching ladybugs now haha
Reply • 6 • Like13 minutes ago
Ursula Mason
I guess I will start catching ladybugs now haha
Reply • 6 • Like13 minutes ago
Carl Graham
That story is amazing, that's why I love coming to this site lol, wasn't expecting to win a couple hundred today but I did!
Reply • 19 • Like46 minutes ago
Khloe Clarke
@Noah Just to let you know, this isn't bullshit. I do the exact same thing. I clear roughly $1k a week. I'm 31 and in a few months I will be headed to pay off my auto loan in a big lump sum. If you're a hater, keep hating. But if you're a dreamer who knows anything is possible with the right attitude.. this is for you.
ReplyLike25 minutes ago
Yoseph Thompson
Will give it a go. Wish me luck!
Reply • 3 • Like1 hour ago
Olivia Patel
My brother works in the online gambling industry and Yukon Gold is notoriously known for having some of the the “loosest" slots in the industry. I’ve tripled my $$. Truth.
Reply • 53 • Likeabout an hour ago
Ulysses Wilson
I’m a huge online gambler and the rumors are, Yukon Gold is trying to become the biggest online casinos in Canada. That’s why they're offering free plays left and right AND they have some of the easiest games. So players win often and spread the word. Take advantage of this while you still can guys!
ReplyLike2 hours ago
Grace Davis
Ah yes I heard of these guys before. they’re legit and it’s easy to win if you play the smaller jackpots. I remember winning like $300 with the bonus they gave me.
Reply • 12 • Like2 hours ago
Ellie Green
OMG I want that house!!!
Reply • 30 • Like2 hours ago
@Jack Drinking and smoking ruins lives as well! And almost EVERYONE in the country does it!
Reply • 17 • Like4 hours ago
Katie Smith
Gambling ruins lives you stupid fucks!! Don't glamourise it when 99% of people who do it on this level will steal and destroy their friends and family's lives.
Reply • 53 • Like2 hours ago

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